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Dock side fish keeper
— by Bassprochuck Bassprochuck
 This is for you people who have docks already. I've been surprised by how few people think of this and they have docks available for it. Ever went fishing and didn't feel like cleaning them today? Or only caught a few and not enuff for dinner. You need a fish keeper! Build yourself a frame out of 1x2 pine. A 4'x4' frame works well and isn't too heavy to pull out of the water. Now use chicken wire and staple it to the frame you just built making sure to use plenty of staples and stretching the chicken wire tight over the frame! On one side cut out a 10-12 inch square of the chicken wire and place this to the side. In the hole you just cut be sure to bend back the cut ends of the wire and wrap them so it makes a clean even square hole. Now cut your self out another square of chicken wire big enuff to cover that hole after bending and and wrapping the cut ends. Now you can attach this with wire loosely on one end and use a cheap bungee cord to keep the other end down and closed. Now you can attach this to the side of your dock and toss in! When you need to just pull it up to put your fish in and to take them out when you want a fresh fish dinner. They will survive quite well this way as long as you don't let them get over crowded. Adjust size and shape as needed for the amount of fish you want to keep!